Are you seeking Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Millions of women suffer from vaginal irregularities and structural changes due to childbirth, age or a variety of other reasons. This may diminish confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, these symptoms may put a strain on marital relations. Embarrassed, frustrated or sad this is difficult to bring up.

We believe that you deserve to lead a comfortable and satisfying feminine life. However, we know that for many women just like you, feminine comfort or satisfaction may be compromised. You may not even realize that something is wrong, let alone that you can do something about it. Luckily, there’s a solution!




What do we treat

  • Stretched vaginal tissue.
  • Stress urinary incontinence.
  • Post menopause indications.
  • Weakened pelvic floor.
  • Vaginal dryness.
  • Recurring infections.

How does Vaginal Rejuvenation work

Like skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibers which give it strength and flexibility. Here in Orange County, Dr. Diana Tran-Kim uses a clinically established CO2 laser technology to gently heat vaginal tissue, contracting existing fibers and stimulating the formation of new collagen. Our treatment improves the functionality of the entire vaginal area.

Ideal Candidates

So many women are unsure if what they are experiencing is “ok” or not. It’s not always an easy call, especially if the changes are gradual. Feminine issues are also not a typical conversation topic, so lots of women just keep them to themselves, and accept things as they are. Even minor conditions can really be uncomfortable, embarrassing and painful. We have a simple solution that has the power to make a huge difference in your life.

  • Patients who have given birth to children and are experiencing vaginal laxity.
  • Menopausal patients who are suffering from vaginal dryness or other symptoms of GSM(Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause)
  • Cancer patients who have undergone premature menopause.

How do I know if I qualify for Vaginal Rejuvenation

  1. Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Diana Tran Kim.
  2. Dr. Tran-Kim will evaluate your medical history.
  3. A routine gynecological exam will then take place, which may include a pap smear.
  4. We will advise at that point whether you qualify for the treatment.



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