I could not think of any other career than medicine but there will always be ups and downs.  Medicine was not an easy path, but I am so lucky that the path became my journey through this crazy life.  Days may be long at times, but the years pass by so fast in my career as an ObGyn. I am grateful to be able to help women day in and day out and that I can empower women daily by pursuing their best, healthy selves!

I was in a documentary when I was pregnant with my second baby.  The documentary, 40 weeks, was produced by Big Belli and premiered in the Angelika in NYC.  Such a fun experience!

I love karaoke a bit too much and will get on stage and sign my heart out if you dare me.

I love to travel all over. And right now, I have hunkered down with my hubby and three kids in Southern California and discovering this tiny world around me.  We moved to California a few years ago from New York City where I had my first two boys. As my sons are New Yorkers, I have a soft spot for the Big Apple.  As for my daughter, she is a California girl all the way.

I am crazy about skincare.  I follow a seven step by step skin regimen.  My pro-tip is sunscreen UVA/UVB with SPF 30+ every single day.

I am an avid half marathon runner.  I am continually getting motivated to push myself, so I am training for my first marathon in 2021 and hoping to win the lottery for the NYC marathon.

Snowboarding is a sport my whole family loves and we will hit those mountains at first snow if we can.  I usually cruise down the blues and will go down the obstacle course to do some jumps – just mini ones.

I am fluent in three languages. My parents are both Vietnamese, so this is my first language growing up.  I grew up in Québec, Canada in a small town outside of Montréal and learned French in school.   English came last when I moved to Texas at 11 years old.  I also know a bit of medical Spanish but would never let myself talk outside of work.