First, I want to thank everyone who has given the love and support to go out on my own and open my own ObGyn office. Women’s health has always been my passion and I felt a pull toward a direction where I would be able to care for my wonderful patients in a way I would care for myself or my own family.

OhBloomGyn has been a new endeavor in my life and a risk that I hope is worth taken. I do feel the positive electricity around me buzzing as I open my life to this new venture.

My mission statement? To uphold the highest standard in Women’s healthcare with evidence based medicine while caring for all women in a supportive and open environment. I have always felt that knowledge and education is power, especially when it come to our bodies. This is why I find that open conversations are the building blocks to help patients understand and get involved in their own preventive health.

I am so fortunate to love being an ObGyn. Caring for the lifetime of a woman and sharing my own experiences myself has been such a bonding experience. I love hearing patient’s experiences and stories as teenagers, becoming mothers and transitions in the women’s life.

I recall my first pregnancy; the days of nausea and vomiting the first two months, then the glow. I remember setting up his room in our tiny New York appartement. All the unnecessary items we bought; the blue wall I painted at 36 weeks. I prepared everyday and definitely was nesting nonstop. It was such a beautiful memory and even more beautiful journey. The bad days only made the good things shine more.

This is my glimpse of my first pregnancy. Hopefully I get to share mine with my future patients at my new office. It is a journey worth remembering and such a joy to share.