Your well-woman exam is designed to keep you in an optimal state of well-being and detect any abnormalities that affect your health. With the team of dedicated obstetricians and gynecologists at OhBloomGyn, you can get the comprehensive care you need. Call or click the online scheduler to book your well-woman exam.

Well Woman Exam Q & A

What Happens During a Well-Woman Exam?

Even though your well-woman exam is tailored to you, there are still some components that are relatively standard. Your well-woman exam usually includes:

  • Pap smear
  • Pelvic exam
  • Breast exam
  • In-house lab services
  • Blood pressure check
  • Body mass index (BMI) calculation
  • Birth control or family planning solutions
  • STD testing


Your well-woman exam is also your one-on-one time with your dedicated OB/GYN to talk about any concerns you may have, including sexual dysfunction or abnormal periods.

Do I Really Need a Well-Woman Exam Every Year?

Yes. The expert women’s health practitioners at OhBloomGyn encourage you to schedule well-woman exams annually. Since chronic diseases, including cervical cancer, develop gradually over time, it’s important to have preventive screenings regularly. This gives your OB/GYN ample time to intervene early if they find any irregularities or abnormalities.

Adolescent gynecological exams should begin annually right around the time your teen gets her first period. She likely won’t need a pelvic exam or Pap test until she’s older than 18, but these early well-woman exams give her the education she needs to make educated decisions about her health.

How Do I Prepare for a Well-Woman Exam?

You can make a few preparations before your well-woman exam to ensure you get the most out of your evaluation. For instance, try not to book a Pap smear during your period, only because your menstrual flow may affect the outcome of the test results. The practitioners at OhBloomGyn also recommend that you:

  • Make a list of all current prescriptions, supplements, and over-the-counter drugs
  • Avoid douching, sexual intercourse, or wearing tampons for two days before a Pap test
  • Write down all of your concerns, symptoms, or questions


The caring doctors at OhBloomGyn sit and talk with you during your well-woman exam. They spend time educating you about your health, treating heavy menstrual bleeding or cramps, and helping you with your family planning needs. You can expect comprehensive, high-quality care at OhBloomGyn.

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